SUSSIE 4 was created in 1998 in Guadalajara, Mexico, comprising of DJ/Producers Cesar Gudino and Odin Parada. Since the beginning, the duo has dominated the Electronica and House music scene throughout Mexico, Europe, Spain and the United States. They have has performed in national festivals such as Techno Geist 2001, Union Fest 2001, Art 01 (INBA), the Mexican Electronics Festival, Beach MTV 2002, and Festival Rock To Park 2001 in Bogota, Colombia. Additionally, Sussie 4 has shared the stage with artist’s Bentley Rhythm Ace, Gus Gus, DJ Hell, Sven Väth, Deep Dish and Buscemi. Originally released in Mexico in 2002, MUSICA MODERNA became a best seller throughout the country and garnered the duo many music awards in their home country.

MUSICA MODERNA is a blend of chill out, lounge, jazz, house and trip hop music.