A Beautiful Poet. That is how simple the description of Ana Alicia is. As a child her father used to call her “the world’s youngest philosopher!” Early on, Ana Alicia realized that her way with words, was far from normal. In kinder garden her classmates, teachers and adults would be enchanted with her words. Ana Alicia recalls that, “an inexplainable silence” would fill the room, as soon as she started to speak. The same silence, that she now hears the first three seconds of being on stage. Ana Alicia represents a young latin woman, who is raised in the United States under the influence of Mexican parents. Three productions prior in her short but rising career give Ana Alicia the experience that she now posses. First, she was part of group named “Las Margaritas”, then she gave life to her album “AnaAliciandome” and with Univision’s support recorded “Miss Ana Alicia Sionez.” Ana Alicia writes all her own songs and is highly involved in the musical composition and production of the albums as well. Furthermore, Ana Alicia has worked as the official face and spokeswoman for important international brands such as “Coors Light” and “BMW.” In her new production “De Luna De Sol,” meaning “Of Moon Of Sun,” Ana Alicia assures us that her shift from urban music to rock was organic, effortless, and completely natural. With a shattered heart Ana Alicia was propelled towards using live instruments. Being the those the sounds that Ana Alicia identified with. With every phrase of the album like “I don’t want to hate you, because it’s the same as loving you,” demonstrates that Ana Alicia is not only giving us another production, but the promise of a long career as a composer. The album “De Luna De Sol” is based on the union of duality; Light and darkness, good and evil, moon and sun, woman and man, the lover and the loved one. Ana Alicia did not have any musical influences for this production. Instead, Ana Alicia was in search of silencing her mind and looking for clarity while writing. Her focus was to revisit the genius behind simplicity. She searched for the magic that made her write her first poem and knitted us the love story of a faery named “Deluna Dezol.”

“Everybody has a vision of something. For me, it is vital that I manifest mine. Half of being an artist is finding one’s self. Knowing who you are and reflecting what you have lived into art. To have the courage to be vulnerable, to be honest, to fall and get up, to knit with your emotions. To grant yourself the liberty to grow as a human being. To come to the understanding that the balance of life, of love is: “De Luna De Sol.” -Ana Alicia