The Dollar Sign Gang, Sonny Blue from South Central Los Angeles, Big Bossin’. Z-Gunz the young soldier representing for his hometown, Lynwood. Together these lyrical monsters make up the core of smooth hustle’s very own “dollar sign gang” the streets show love because smooth hustle loves the streets. It hasn’t been easy for sonny to bring his team where it is today.

Five years ago when Sonny Blue and Z-Gunz met there was instant tension between the two, chemistry. The chemistry is obvious in their lastest project “dollar sign gang”. Each posseses the gift to hit the S.A.P. and cross boundries other artists only dream of. Both were born into hard times, products of the streets. Sonny first searched for a way out the hood by stepping into the boxing ring. It didn’t take sonny long to figure that there has to be an easier way. Retiring undefeated with 80% of his victories coming by the way of K.O. Sonny always had a passion for music so lucky for us Sonny is still launching hooks, only now he’s doing it to the beat of those west coast melodies, still delivering knock out hits. A self taught businessman sonny is looking to build an empire put an entire generation on his shoulders and tell the good the bad and the ugly that takes place in the varrio. Blue extends his hand and embraces Z-Gunz talent, together they’ve hustled and sacrificed to bring life to our dreams our struggles and now we have a voice, Sonny Blue and Z-Gunz “dollar sign gang”!!!