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“Rock ‘n’ Roll Made in Mexico: From Evolution to Revolution” is the story of Mexican rock told by intrepid filmmakers Lance Miccio and Rock icon Fito de la Parra. The journey from innocence of Bubble Gum Music to the Avandaro field on September 11th 1971, where hundreds of thousands cheered bands like ‘Three Souls in My Mind’ (El Tri). After a major propaganda push by the Mexican Government against the Avandaro event declaring it an evil gathering of radicals and anarchists and then banning rock and roll from 1970 on until 1985, forcing Rock and Roll underground where it thrived in the barrios of the underground concerts which drew thousands to FUNKY HOLES where rock could be played to those who loved it in defiance to the conservative rule of the Mexican elite. Lance Miccio’s exciting history of Mexican Rock includes in-depth interviews with legends: Fito de la Parra, Alex Lora, Javier Batiz, and Lalo Toral, among others. From the early innocent 50’s through severe oppression and censorship, which caused a ban on Rock in Mexico (’71-85).

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