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Tigre is the very appropriate title of Tovar’s latest LP, released in 2008 worldwide. Like its namesake, this album is sexy, sleek, strong and captivating… and cannot be overlooked. Tigre is the latest of the acid cabaret records and it shows how a concept that was believed to be perfectly defined is in fact open to reinterpretation and can sustain freshness and change with flying colors. Fusion comes naturally to Rubén Miranda, the producer behind Tovar. He is an accomplished guitarist with a rock background and the use of analog elements is one of his many strong points. Throughout Tigre, we can hear analog percussions, like congas and timbales, as well as vocals which were recorded specifically for use in this production. True to his Tijuana origins, the juxtaposition of apparently distinct concepts and a constantly mutating identity are at the core of Tovar’s music. Tigre is a well-rounded record, with some very fresh tracks. In “Raíces Latinas” there are musical references to the Cuban son, but they are in a cosmopolitan context, with a funky baseline and a guitar played much in the style of the armonico, an instrument invented by Compay Segundo. The original vocals sound as appropriate today as they might have fifty years ago, adding to the timeless quality of the record. “Cumbia Queens” has been proven to stir up any dancefloor, with its textured groove and exuberant sultry beats, and in the remix by Akufen included here, it is a lounge delight; “Latin the Box” is another sexy, seductive track which promises to provoke. Tovar’s range is clear in “Dulce Amor”, a sweet, romantic, touching piece with great crossover appeal. A remarkable sense of humor is present throughout the LP but is at the forefront of tracks like “Dirty María”, which manages a perfectly executed result without taking itself too seriously. This latest release is quintessential acid cabaret and quintessential Tovar: fundamentally Latin but not in an overt or stereotypical way, and essentially danceable, up beat and friendly, with a deep undertone that allows it to escape the strictest confines of house music.

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